Access control at registration and login - Access Manager

B2B shops in particular want to grant access to their shop only to certain users such as selected companies or industries. The “AccessManager” plug-in lets online retailers activate purchasing features for certain users as well as define individual conditions.

“AccessManager” is easy and adaptable: Shop operators can define which elements for shops are visible at first glance and which are not, depending on the target group and area. It is thus possible for example, for users to see only a log-in page and after successful registration are then able to see products and prices. Alternatively, the user can see the product without having to register, however the prices are displayed only after the user has registered and only then can an order be placed. Each separate template for the registration and log-in page thus lets you precisely set how much you would like to open your shop up to visitors.

Exclusive user groups for B2B shops

Visitors who want to make a purchase in your online shop, first log in using a registration form. New customers can also upload registration of a business or another verification for a company that is automatically sent to you. This means you can quickly and easily ensure that new customers are companies and not private customers. Shop administrators are notified via e-mail about all new registrations and receive an overview of the customers that need to be given access in the back-end of the plug-in.

Once you have finally manually unlocked customers to make purchases, they will be notified by e-mail and can log in to the shop immediately and make purchases. After successfully registering, the new user is automatically assigned to a customer group. Thus special terms of purchase, for example, are immediately stored in the customer’s account.

You can also manage which e-mail addresses can be used to log in using whitelists and blacklists. If a user registers with “” (domain is on the whitelist), log in is successful. If someone tries to log in using “” (domain is on the blacklist) the user is denied access. You can also deny current customers access by adding the domain to a blacklist at a later date, such as when a supplier agreement expires.

Make sales success measurable

You can assign potential customers a unique partner code (referral code), for example in a personal sales consultation, to easily measure the success of customer acquisition. When the code is entered during registration, your can directly correlate your sales activities to the new customer. Your sales staff can also be notified with pinpoint precision about customer ordering activity via e-mail.

With the “AccessManager” you have complete control over your customer base at all times and can precisely manage which customers can exclusively place orders in your shop and with which conditions. Online shops with closed user groups or B2B shops in particular appreciate this feature.


  • Prices are displayed and purchases can be made only after logging in
  • Hide prices of products for specific categories
  • Log-in and registration only for authorized user groups
  • Manual activation guarantees exclusive user groups (private shopping)
  • Upload registration of a business or another verification for a company for new registrations
  • Restrict registration with automatic activation via whitelists and blacklists possible
  • Separate templates for log-in and registration page
  • Automatically allocate users to customer groups after successful registration
  • Registration with partner/referral code possible
  • Notifications to operators about customer activity.
  • Advantage: Exclusive sale with complete control over customer base
  • Rerouting to customer-specific page after log-in
  • Perfectly suitable for B2B or in-house shops such as factory outlet sales or staff sales
  • Conexco compatible
  • SW4 & SW5 compatible