Find stores and locations faster


Search online, buy offline? There’s almost no getting around a trip to a retailer or your local shop, especially for products that require a great deal of explanation or advice. Online shops with an easy-to-use and intuitive retailer & store locater that provide customers with quick access and simple solutions are ahead of the competition.

With the new “StoreLocator” plug-in, all retailers and shop locations are created in the back end and can be managed quickly and easily.

Features in detail

Location data is automatically “geocoded” when saved and displayed on the store site via "Google Maps". Saved retailers and stores are clearly displayed and easy to find for online shop visitors.

Customer locations can be automatically detected and used or via the direct customer entry with searches by postcode or town. Stores are then displayed that are near the customer.

It is also possible to create a link to store sub-pages and more information about regional store offers.

Depending on customer requirements, the design of the input mask and technical specifications such as store radius output can be defined and individually implemented.

Connection between brick-and-mortar and digital retail

The customer-friendly view of regional shops makes giving directions easy and increases the active sale of products that require lengthy explanation.

Features & Functions


  • Automatic geocoding for locations when manually creating or importing the retailers and stores
  • Postcode search
  • Search the retailer & store title (activated/can be deactivated).
  • Radius search
  • User location finder
  • Search in different countries
  • Import & export store data
  • Featured stores (always appear at the top and are highlighted)
  • Fully customizable template
  • An image can be allocated to one store
  • Link to internal pages
  • Customizable Google Maps location icon
  • Free-text fields
  • Locate position with POST/GET
    parameters possible: location (contains zip code, for example) Ex.: &location=22525, distance (The standard distance in km/miles) Ex.: &distance=50
  • Google Maps Route Planner
  • Shopware text modules can be integrated into free-text fields
  • Filters can now be optionally used via free-text fields in the front end search
  • Contact form with captcha and variable fields depending on location
  • Locations/Stores can be assigned categories and filtered
  • Connection between brick-and-mortar and digital retail
  • Access via individual URL path (e.g. “/Stores")
  • Many more extensive settings options
  • Compatible with Shopware 5
  • Compatible with Conexco Template



  • StorePickUp - Pick up in a store

    • Automated & manual selection of the nearest retailer or store for pick-up.
    • Simple, selective choice of stores in the back end, that offer pick-up in person.
    • Confirmation email to the customer with information about the selected branch store, optionally also in the stored in the "StoreLocator" satellite stores.

  • BusinessHours - Store opening hours

    • Individual registration of business hours for each retailer & store
    • Automatic recognition of national and regional holidays
    • Opening and closing hours can be individually entered, for example for Sunday openings or closing due to inventory.

  • StoreStock - Product availability in stores

    • Display product availability for retailers & stores


StoreLocator Extensions

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Heute haben wir die neue Version des Plugins "CouponRules" veröffentlicht.

Neue Version mit vielen Features veröffentlicht

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