Business hours for stores & locations

When a customer heads for your local store, the buying potential is a given from the outset. This creates an optimal starting point for your sales. What your customer does not know: You are unfortunately closed. Customer disappointment is high when they arrive at your store only to stand in front of a locked door and dark windows. Avoid this situation right from the beginning and display your individual opening times to your customers online. It's easier than ever before thanks to the new "BusinessHours" plug-in!

The "BusinessHours" plug-in is an extension to the "StoreLocator" plug-in and allows you to save the opening times for each of your stores. The plug-in takes into account bank holidays as well as regional ones which are automatically determined based on the region. You can also enter closing times, such as for conducting inventory, as well as special opening times, such as Sunday shopping. You can set the number of days in advance special business hours are displayed. This means you can offer customers flexibility in terms of maximum transparency when it comes to your business hours.

An extra plus: By using the "StorePickUp" plug-in, pick up times are automatically adjusted to your opening times to avoid pick-ups outside of business hours.


  • Extension to the "StoreLocator" plug-in
  • Individual registration of business hours for each store
  • Automatic recognition of national and regional holidays
  • Opening and closing hours can be individually entered, for example for Sunday openings or closing due to inventory.
  • You can set the number of days in advance special business hours are displayed.
  • By using the "StorePickUp" plug-in, the selectable pick-up times can be limited to business hours.