Erleichtern Sie jetzt Ihren Kunden die Anmeldung im Shopware-Shop mit Hilfe des Facebook-Logins!

€ 49,00

Make it easy for your customers to log onto the Shopware shop with the help of the Facebook log-in!

More and more Web services are making it easier for their users to log in by setting the simple log-in via "Facebook Connect" or "Sign in with Twitter".

Give your customers the option to sign in via a Facebook account with the help of the "SocialLogin" (Twitter is in preparation) to your shop easily and conveniently with just one click.

Procedure for new customers:

If the customer is not yet registered in your shop, he or she will be forwarded to the shop log-in page after successfully logging in to Facebook. Once there, the customer will be required to register once in order to retrieve the master data needed.

Procedure for existing customers:

Visitors who are already a customer in your shop, as long as the Facebook cookie is still valid and/or Facebook page is open, are automatically logged into the shop. If the cookie is not available, the customer can sign in to the shop through the Facebook log-in. A new registration is not needed.

Technical requirements:

To operate the plug-in, a Facebook account is required along with a "Facebook app" that can be created in three simple steps. See Installation Instructions. We will be more than happy to assist you with the set-up.

Please note that you must adapt your shop’s data protection policy when using the plug-in


  • "OneClick – Login" – no entry of user name and password is required to offer customers enormous time savings
  • Easy and convenient registration many of the data saved on Facebook are automatically transferred and do not need to be entered again by the customer
  • The link to social networks appears in the customer profile
  • Sub-shop compatible
  • Multishop compatible
  • Conexco compatible