Show alternatives transparently in the shopping cart

As a shop operator with multiple product variations on offer, you’re familiar with the problem: Only the product name, not the desired variation is shown in the shopping cart and on the order confirmation page. For buyers, this can be confusing. In a worst case scenario, they cancel buying at this point because they are not sure if they will actually receive their desired variation. The solution is the ShowVariantGroup plugin.

With ShowVariantGroup, all selected variations are displayed below the product name in the shopping car and on the order confirmation page, for example, T-shirt, Size: Color: red Shop operators can flexibly define in the back-end which variation groups (e.g. size and color) are displayed in the cart which are not.

ShowVariantGroup is also ideal for online shops that offer different variations and want to minimize canceled orders. By offering your customers a more detailed description of the purchased products during the checkout process, you provide them with a small yet effective additional service.

Features and Functions

  • Show product variations in basket and on the order confirmation page
  • Flexibly set which groups of variations should be displayed
  • Maximum transparency for the buyer
  • Compatible with Shopware 4 and 5