The turbo boost for recurring orders

The turbo boost for recurring orders

Operators of B2B shops have returning customers who often buy the same or similar products. They also purchase considerably high quantities of products. With the QuickOrder plugin, you can make it easier for your business customers to purchase large quantities in your shop, giving them an even more convenient shopping experience.

Existing customers who are more likely to purchase a variety of products, are able to order these faster than usual with OrderPurchasing. To do so, they can use a text box in which they enter the item number and the quantity of the desired product. Alternatively, the customer can also upload a CSV file with the item number and quantity to your shop. This helps you save your customers from the hassle of searching and adding items to the cart since a customer’s time is precious.

Save your customers valuable time.

An existing customer can export any existing order as a CSV file in the customer area. When placing a subsequent oder, the customer only has to adjust the desired products and upload the file.

QuickOrder can be found in the new "Quick order" section in the customer area. The text box including the option to upload CSV are also located here. Once the file has been uploaded or the items entered in the text box, all items appear again in an overview list. If the items entered (in the desired quantity) are not in stock or no longer listed in the shop, the customer will be alerted. As soon as the customer then clicks on Buy Now, all items automatically end up in the shopping cart and can be ordered as usual.


  • Saves time, easy ordering process for B2B customers
  • Order by text box or CSV upload
  • Also quickly access large product quantities
  • Automatic inventory check
  • Compatible with Shopware 4 and 5