An offene Zahlungen erinnern und Ausfallrisiko vermindern

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Reduce non-payment risk

German online shop customers love purchasing on account. Yet as convenient and safe this method of payment for the buyer is, the risk for the shop operator of being left with an unpaid bill is high. With the PaymentStatus plugin, you can prevent delinquent customers from playing additional orders in your online shop.

Block new orders

If a customer wants to place a new order in the online shop but has not yet paid their outstanding balance. a warning is displayed in the cart by the plugin Payment Status when they are logged on. If the date of the new order is X days ¨past the agreed payment date, no new orders may be placed. The number of overdue days tolerated can be individually set.

Transparency for all invoices

The customer can at any time see an overview of previous orders placed along with their payment terms in the customer area. All unpaid balances are indicated in this area. The customer can thus see if they have an outstanding balance.

Shop operators who want to continue to also offer purchasing on account as a method of payment, can minimize their non-payment risk with PaymentStatus by not accepting future orders from delinquent customers.

Features and Functions

  • Automatically block delinquent customers from placing orders
  • Number of days overdue and due date for payment can be individually set
  • Overview of open account balances in customer area