Redeem multiple gift cards

Whether its a fall promotion with promotional leaflets combined with a birthday gift card or a reward for a newsletter subscription in connection with a new customer bonus, there are always good reasons to let shop customers redeem multiple gift cards simultaneously. This is possible with the MultipleVouchers plugin.

Once you start using the Shopware Standard Coupon module or our EasyCoupon plugin in your shop, you can use the MultipleVouchers extension. This lets customers enter multiple gift card codes during the checkout process. Negative transaction values or credit are not permitted. If a customer has a gift card for €10 and the amount in their shopping cart is only €9.95, the order amount will be reduced to €0 and €0.05 would be forfeited.

With MultipleVoucher, you can selectively stand out from other shops which accept only one gift card code per order and thus increase your customer loyalty.

Features and Functions

  • Let customers redeem multiple gift card codes with a single order.
  • Up to the maximum amount of the shopping cart value
  • Requirements: ShopwareStandard Coupons module or EasyCoupon
  • Compatible with Shopware 4 and 5