Create banner slide shows in a snap

The Shopware shopping worlds let you integrate slide shows. This can be done much faster and easier with the MultipleBanners plugin. It enables you to save multiple banners in each product category which are then automatically put together into a slide show.

Eye-catching banners especially lend themselves well when it comes to showing product diversity in large categories or highlighting new arrivals and top-sellers within the same category. Compared to the Shopware Standard version where only one banner image can be displayed, thanks to MultipleBanners, multiple banners can now be displayed in one slide show.

MultipleBanners thus expands the standard functionality of Shopware: As soon multiple banners are assigned to a category, they are automatically put together into a slide show and displayed in rotation. Shop operators only need to install the plugin and upload the desired banners to the Shopware Standard version in the "Marketing > Banners" module.

This lets you visually impress shop customers and motivates them to jump directly to one one of your category pages while still giving you more opportunities to showcase your products.

Features and Functions

  • Automatically display multiple banners in one slide show
  • Possible in all categories
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with Shopware 4 and 5