Sprachüberprüfung und Umleitung auf Sprachshop

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Examining the visitors browser language and currency - LanguageDetector

As an operator of international, multilingual shops, you want to maximize customer comfort when making purchases. This also means offering the right language version so that they don’t leave your website and you lose valuable sales.

Intelligent and user-friendly recognition of the right language or country version is thus crucial for multilingual shops. The “LanguageDetector” plugin offers a simple and very reliable method that is based on a combination of automatic check and user data.

Set the language with the selection tool window

The recognition and selection process involves several levels.
For example:

  1. A user visits the German shop at
  2. Based on his (non-German) IP address the user is identified as a possible non-German-speaker.
  3. A selection tool window opens with a text displaying a message similar to this one: “You seem to be visiting this site from outside Germany. Follow the link to be led to the English version or close this window to continue in German."
  4. By clicking the link, the user is taken to the English shop at When the window is closed, the German shop will continue to be displayed at


The language selected by the user is saved in the session so that this windows is not displayed again during the current session.

Intillegent check.

“LanguageDetector” recognizes if a user’s location corresponds to the language version selected for the shop to be displayed in. In such cases, the language selection window is not displayed. Users from an English-speaking country who visit can shop uninterrupted.

If the location and language selected do not correspond to each other, the plugin checks if there is a language version for the shop that matches the user’s location. If so, a selection tool window is displayed. If no, the shop will continue to run under the domain the user selected. The user is not automatically redirected to a site based on their location.

To use the plugin, you need our free plugin NetiFoundation.


  • Reliable language selection for international shops

  • Multi-level, intelligent comparison of user location with shop country version

  • Automatic selection of the correct currency (optional)

  • Compatible with SW4 & SW5

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