The universal voucher plugin with extensive features

Whether for birthdays, credit to accommodate customers or marketing promotion: Vouchers are ideal accelerators fro sales in your online shop. They ensure successful customer loyalty, larger shopping baskets, and thus boost sales long term.

It is especially important to online retailers for vouchers to be reliable, individually tailored and easy to manage. Retaining the remaining balance is also now considered to be a good business practice for many shop operators. The “EasyCoupon” plugin now makes all this possible with your Shopware Shop.

“EasyCoupon” lets shop operators create personalized vouchers for their customers in just a few steps. You can decide, if you want to indicate the discount in euros or percent or if the customer can redeem the voucher with a promotion code only for certain products (e.g. a gift).

You can also flexibly set if the shop customer must enter the voucher code when placing the order or if the voucher is automatically added to the shopping basket with the next order and thus immediately discounts the amount ordered. Practical add-on: Minimal order values defined for customer groups can be optionally disabled by the voucher. The minimum order value can also be configured for each voucher.

Retention of remaining balance and voucher as a product

What makes our extension so special is the optional feature for the retention of a remaining balance. This means customers do not have to redeem vouchers at once, the remaining balance is stored in the system and can be used for additional purchases by the expiration date until it is used up.

The plugin also comes with features for online retailers who like offering vouchers as an item in their shop. The delivery period for the item is displayed as “available immediately” The voucher code is only sent once the status of the order is set to “paid”, for example. This prevents customers from immediately redeeming a purchased voucher with the same order.

Vouchers created by retailers can incidentally be limited to certain sub-shops or categories and purchased vouchers are generally valid.

Personalized delivery and easy management

As soon as the voucher has been generated by the system, the customer receives an email with the voucher code and valid dates. The contents of the email can be edited by the shop operator. This means the text modules can also be saved in different languages.

Managing the voucher is also very easy thanks to the plugin: The shop operator can edit or delete the voucher as long as it has not been redeemed. The customer is automatically notified by email. The quantity, amount, remaining balance and expiration date of the awarded and purchased voucher can be viewed at all times at a glance. As a retailer, you are thus kept up-to-date about all important key data for your business.

Residual value retention and voucher as Article

  • CouponStyles

    • Voucher as PDF
    • Send voucher immediately via email for printing
    • Choice of attractive design templates for different occasions already integrated in the plugin

  • CouponGenerator

    • Generate a desired number of vouchers
    • Export function for vouchers e.g. for affiliate promotions

  • CouponRules

    • Create vouchers automatically based on rules/events such after an order
    • Voucher amount in % of purchase amount or fixed amount per order (euros or %)


  • Easily create and manage vouchers
  • Keep remaining balance (voucher can be used for several purchases until the balance is used up)
  • Send a personalized voucher from the backend
  • Optional: Discount in euros or percent or promotion code for specific products
  • Send a personalized, editable email (even in several languages) with voucher code and validity
  • Optional: Voucher as automatic basket position or by entering a code
  • Set a minimum order value; optional minimum order value for a customer group can be deactivated
  • Voucher can be ordered as purchasable item
  • For purchased vouchers: delivery period set to “available immediately” and definable redeemability to payment status set
  • Order of voucher item can be accessed from backend
  • Clear overview of vouchers in the backend (quantity, amount, remaining balance, expiration date)
  • Voucher can be edited and deleted as long as the voucher has not yet been redeemed
  • Awarded vouchers can be limited to categories or sub-shops, purchased vouchers are still generally valid
  • Shipping costs can be disabled per voucher
  • Voucher with fixed, tiered or variable amounts
  • Overview of vouchers in customer account
  • Voucher as PDF with CouponStyles


Erweitern Sie EasyCoupon mit folgenden AddOns:

Voucher as PDF

Generate a desired number of vouchers

Create vouchers automatically based on rules/events such after an order

Impressions Shopware 5

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Neue Version mit vielen Features veröffentlicht

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