Set rules for discount promotions

Discount promotions are an excellent way to accelerate purchases for any online shop. When combined with a systematic use of affiliate programs, they become a real big seller. How would you like to offer discounts using a more targeted approach and thus appeal to individual customers? Without all the time and effort? That’s all possible with our practical extension to DiscountPromotion: Our supplemental plug-in called “DiscountPromotionRules”!

Precisely define promotions with the use of rules

You can scale your discount promotions to exactly match your needs thanks to a wide range of rules that can easily be set. Offer your customers a discount on all products of a particular manufacture, or offer a specific customer group a sales discount, for example. Alternatively, you can offer a special discount to customers who visit your shop by a promotion with an affiliate partner.

You can set discount rules for the following criteria:

  • Category
  • Customer group
  • Manufacturer
  • Number of purchases
  • Sub-shop
  • Shopping basket amount
  • Price (of item)
  • Partner program

These criteria can also be combined with each other. Then you can define what conditions should apply to these criteria:

  • is
  • is not
  • greater
  • greater or equal to
  • smaller
  • smaller or equal to


Property Condition Value
Category is Entertainment
Partner program is Summer promotion

You can add to the rules for more flexibility.

Property Condition Value
Category is Entertainment
Category is not Vintage
Manufacturer is not The blue house

Discount with a partner program

You can easily set up a partner program under “Marketing” -> “Partner Program” to generate a link. If a client visits your shop via this link from a partner website, the discount promotion is automatically applied.

Time-saving administration

With "DiscountPromotionRules" you can set up even complex discount promotions with little effort. For example, for customers in the "VIP" customer group and have made at least three purchases. Only these customers will see the promotion. Alternatively, you can select a manufacturer and grant a discount if the price of a product is more than €10. Even the most diverse promotions with partners can be managed with ease.

Normally you would need to invest a lot of time setting something like this up, but "DiscountPromotionRules" makes this child’s play. “DiscountPromotionRules" offers retailers a powerful and time-saving tool that lets you scale your promotions to suit your needs.


  • Extensions for DiscountPromotion
  • Innovative and extremely flexible configuration for discount promotions
  • Saves a great deal of time when creating discount promotions
  • Criteria: Category, customer group, product, manufacturer, number of purchases, sub-shop, order amount, partner program

Wenn eines unserer Plugins so viel Aufmerksamkeit erregt, dass Shopware selbst eine ähnliche Erweiterung herausbringt, haben unsere Entwickler offenbar einiges richtig gemacht. So im Fall unser Rabatt-Plugins DiscountPromotion.

Veröffentlichung des Plugins in Version 3.0


Die neue Version 2.5.0 des Plugins DiscountPromotion enthält folgende Features:

  • [#17695] Prozentrabatt kann so eingestellt werden, dass er nicht mit...

Die neue Version 2.2.0 des Plugins DiscountPromotion enthält folgende Features:

  • [#16339] Erweiterung 3für2-Discount:

    • Auswahl Rabattierung auf...

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