The plugin for systematic sales with a number of discounts, bundles & product packages

The plugin for systematic sales with a number of discounts, bundles & product packages

Customers love discounts. Besides monetary and percent discounts, “Buy 3, Pay 2” promotions and product bundles are special reductions in prices that are used quite often and are also a popular way to accelerate purchases. Especially when the goal is to free-up stocks from seasonal products, you can encourage customers to place one more item in the shopping basket than they originally had planned to buy.

A number of settings for discount options

The “DiscountPromotion” plugin lets you use different discounts in your shop to boost sales:

“Buy 3, Pay 2” promotions

With the purchase of a minimum quantity of products from a category, you offer a freely definable percent or monetary discount on the cheapest or most expensive item in the shopping basket. You can flexibly configure the conditions for the promotion, e.g. in which product category the promotion is available as well as the number of items selected and paid for (e.g. “Buy 3, Pay 2” or “Buy 5, Pay 4”). Optimally, even for consumer products, such as with the purchase of two bottles of the same shampoo, the third bottle is free.

Percent discounts on all products in a category

Assign a percent discount to all products in the swimwear category quickly and easily to sell summer products.

Exclude products from discount promotions flexibly.

You can flexibly define whether you want to exclude products in your shop which are not discountable or only conditionally discountable, (e.g. books or specific brands) for certain or all promotions available.

Set the promotion period.

You can comfortably set how long a specific discount promotion in your shop runs.

Rule for promotions

The additional plugin “DiscountPromotionRules” also lets you use a number of rules for your promotion activities. For example, quickly and easily discount all the items from a manufacturer in a specific product category.

Highlight: Put together attractive product packages

The clever thing about this plugin: Offer your customer product packages comprised of items from different categories. For example, an online shoe retailer can offer shoes, socks and shoelaces at especially attractive package prices. Normally the three items would cost €100 separately, for example, but when ordered as a package, they only cost €80 together.

The package price is automatically generated once the customer has selected a product from categories for which bundles have been approved. The savings (in euros) are also clearly displayed for customer. To prevent assigning a double discount, products in a discount package are excluded from other promotions. If several packages are on offer, the larger package is discounted once the items from the relevant categories are in the shopping basket.

Strike-through prices: Attention-grabbing and legally sound

When using strike-through prices, shop operators need to observe legal regulations. With the “DiscountPromotion” all necessary consumer information is displayed on the category page above the product listing as well as the product description page according to legal regulations. To use strike-through prices, configure the relevant settings in the backend for the promotion period (start and end dates), the percent of the discount, the discounted categories (subcategories are also possible) and activate the display in the listing.

Planning and displaying the promotion period

If you want to prepare a discount promotion but do not yet wish to activate it, you can set it to run from a specific date. The price manipulation is then triggered by the plugin’s cronjob at night in addition to the reset for the prices at the end of the promotion. You can select which information should be displayed to the customer during the promotion period. For example, you can display the start and end date or only the start date or just the end date or the countdown until the end of the promotion.

Display in the front end

Once a product goes on promotion, it can be displayed above the product list and optionally on the product details page above or below the price or below the “Add to basket” button.

The wide range of options for settings and extensions makes “DiscountPromotion” your tool for systematically managing sails, winning satisfied customers in the long term while simultaneously increasing your sales in a clever way.


  • A number of discount options (3 for 2, percent discount, strike-through prices, bundles)
  • Percent discounts can be set so that they cannot be combined with other discounts or vouchers.
  • Scaling the “Buy 3, Pay 2” promotion (automatically to “Buy 6, Pay 4”)
  • Use strike-through prices with legal certainty
  • Create discountable product packages with items from different categories (in the form of a package price, on a percentage or fixed discount amount)
  • Finely adjust discount conditions. For example: If three items are in the shopping basket, the cheapest or most expensive is free.
  • Complete control over promotion periods and discount criteria.
  • Notification to shop operator via mail about when promotions begin and end
  • Promotions can be limited to individual product categories
  • Option to display which discount promotions are available for a specific product in the shop.
  • Products can be excluded for promotions or generally from discounts.
  • Compatible with the responsive template by Conexco
  • Shopware5 compatible


Extend the “DiscountPromotion" with these plugins for additional features. This includes:

Application examples

Wenn eines unserer Plugins so viel Aufmerksamkeit erregt, dass Shopware selbst eine ähnliche Erweiterung herausbringt, haben unsere Entwickler offenbar einiges richtig gemacht. So im Fall unser Rabatt-Plugins DiscountPromotion.

Veröffentlichung des Plugins in Version 3.0


Die neue Version 2.5.0 des Plugins DiscountPromotion enthält folgende Features:

  • [#17695] Prozentrabatt kann so eingestellt werden, dass er nicht mit...

Die neue Version 2.2.0 des Plugins DiscountPromotion enthält folgende Features:

  • [#16339] Erweiterung 3für2-Discount:

    • Auswahl Rabattierung auf...

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