Download and print vouchers and coupons in PDF format

Gift vouchers are very popular items for Christmas, birthdays, or simply saying “thank you” Its quick and convenient for the person giving the gift to buy a voucher online and receive it immediately in an attractive design in PDF format.

With “CouponStyles”, shop operators can set up gift vouchers as a shop item. The amount of the voucher can be individually set by the customer during the purchase or by an online retailer in advance and in different increments (€5, €10, €20, etc.).

The purchaser can choose from different voucher designs to suit the occasion. A selection of attractive design templates for birthdays, Christmas, and general wishes is already included in the plug-in.

Once the gift voucher has been purchased, the buyer receives the voucher as a PDF file attachment via e-mail. The voucher can then be printed out. Gift-giving has never been easier.


  • Compatible with Shopware4
  • Set up gift vouchers as an item in the shop in just a few clicks
  • Optionally with fixed or variable voucher amount
  • Automatically generate the voucher in PDF format
  • Send voucher immediately via e-mail for printing
  • Choice of attractive design templates for different occasions already integrated in the plug-in
  • Personalized template designs can bee added
  • Product master data such as name, picture, description, etc. can be exported to the PDF voucher.
  • Mange vouchers easily along with the retention of the remaining balance thanks to the built-in features of our "EasyCoupon" plug-in

Need a gift voucher in your corporate design? We will create a customized voucher design for your shop at a fixed priced.

Impressions Shopware 5

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Veröffentlichung des Plugins in Version 5.2.0

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