Create and export vouchers in larger quantities

Vouchers are a particularly effective purchase accelerator, with which you can offer your new and existing customers an attractive discount while increasing your sales. Extensive online and offline campaigns in particular usually generate positive sales and new customers. All the better that the "CouponGenerator" plug-in is now available just for this purpose.

With "CouponGenerator", the extension to "EasyCoupon", you can create as many vouchers as you like. The discount codes are not personalized and can each be fully redeemed from potential buyers. Highlight: The campaign-specific voucher list can be easily exported with just a click, for use in flyers, newsletters, promotional leaflets as well as magazine tip-ons or other promotions. What's more, if a campaign is already be running, but the number of voucher codes almost used up, additional codes can be created with no hassle. This is possible at any time. It is also particularly helpful that you have an overview at the end of the campaign vouchers that were actually redeemed.


  • Compatible with Shopware4
  • "CouponGenerator" as an extension to "EasyCoupon".
  • Automatically generate an unlimited number of voucher codes.
  • The voucher codes are not user-specific and can each be fully redeemed.
  • Voucher code export for campaigns
  • Create additional codes any time even if a campaign is already active.
  • Effectively motivate new and existing customers alike with vouchers.
  • Overview of redeemed vouchers.

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Für unser Plugin EasyCoupon steht ein umfangreiches Update mit spannenden Features bereit:

Veröffentlichung des Plugins in Version 5.2.0

Heute haben wir die neue Version des Plugins "CouponRules" veröffentlicht.

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